Power management for?FPGAs?and processors

With its robust and diverse portfolio of LDOs, power modules, DC/DC switchers, and PMICs, TI combines easy-to-use solutions with system expertise to help you find the perfect power supply match for your processor or FPGA.

Texas Instruments

This site features power supply suggestions for the following families of Texas Instruments processors: Sitara?, MSP430?, OMAP, C6000, and more.


Power supply suggestions for the following Xilinx? FPGAs: Kintex?UltraScale?, Virtex? UltraScale?, Virtex?-7, Kintex?-7, Artix?-7, Spartan?-6, Zynq? Ultrascale+? MPSoC, the Zynq?-7000 Extensible Processing Platform (EPP), and more.

Altera (Intel)

Power supply suggestions for the following Altera? and Intel FPGAs: Stratix?, Cyclone?, Arria?, and MAX?.


Power supply suggestions for the following families of NXP? processors: i.MX6S, i.MX6DL, i.MX53, Kinetis, QorlQ?.

Intel CPU

Power supply suggestions for the following Intel? CPU families: Broadwell, Denverton, SkyLake, IceLake, CoffeeLake, Avoton, Rangeley, Braswell, and Baytrail.

Other processors

Power supply suggestions for the following processor vendors: Broadcom?, Cavium?, Barefoot, and Innovium?.

Featured processor and FPGA power trainings

Learn how to meet the DC voltage accuracy and AC load transient specification of FPGAs

Learn about DDR memory, PMBus communication interface, and key design considerations for designing an FPGA power supply.

Learn about the difference between PMIC and discrete approaches and what specifications you should look for when designing an SOC power supply.

Companion portfolios

We offer a range of devices to monitor system health,?regulate low DDR core and termination output voltages, and control power-up and power-down sequencing through digital or analog approaches.

Voltage supervisor & reset ICs to protect your system.

Whether your system has two voltage rails or dozens, we have a power sequencer to fit your requirements.

Linear regulator and switching regulator-based DDR terminators to fit your system requirements.

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